About sunlight.io

Sunlight.io is a spin-out of OnApp, the company powering over 1 in 3 of all the public clouds for MSPs, telcos and large hosting providers around the world.

Backed by significant private equity investment, Sunlight.io is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with group companies around the world, including the US. The Sunlight leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from enterprise application virtualisation, cloud services, networking and embedded systems development. The company is further backed by a world class team of engineers, with expertise in low level hardware design, firmware/drivers, hypervisors, storage and network IO, cloud management/orchestration and web UI technologies. Sunlight.io is currently growing a team of experts in Greece focused on product development, support and marketing.

Having operated in stealth mode for a number of years, Sunlight.io is now transforming the market with a suite of products suited to on-premise enterprise infrastructure and in the cloud via AWS baremetal services. The Sunlight Enterprise Software Platform is a hyper-converged infrastructure system optimized to provide the highest performance IO for both networking and storage traffic to and from tenant Virtual Machines (VMs). It is built on top of the Sunlight NexVisor next generation hypervisor stack providing a whole new paradigm in virtual IO performance.

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